Church Staff

Pastor Randall Emmert

Pastor Randall Emmert

One of my interests is riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle; twisting down a back road can really blow out the cobwebs and clear my mind. My favorite interest is my calling into the ministry. I love serving God and His people…
I want to invite everyone to come to Fairview United Methodist Church and experience God’s love as I have. If you don’t have a home church, come; if it’s been a long time since you have been to church, come. I want to invite anyone searching for a church to come and receive a blessing as we receive a blessing by your presence.
God Bless You!

Paula Emmert

Youth Leader

Paula Emmert has accepted the position of Youth Leader with Fairview as of April 11, 2021.  Paula acted as interim Youth Leader during our search in 2020 and has proven herself to be a blessing to the Youth Ministry. She has a powerful testimony to her faith, which youth easily relate to. Our youth are very important to us, as children of God, and as the future leaders of our church. We truly care about their spiritual and physical well-being.  Welcome, Paula!

Music Director 

Music is an integral part of worship planning. It is the job of the Music Director, as part of the Worship Committee, to set the stage for anticipation of the weekly message, and to appeal to the congregation for a willing and joyful participation through song.  

Karen Woodby
Kathy Shelton
Karen Briggs


Karen Briggs says, “I think I can speak for the three of us that we do enjoy providing music for Fairview, and look forward to every service. Kathy and Karen Woodby have attended Fairview since they had to be carried in as babies, while I am a more recent transplant, although I did grow up in a small Methodist church. We believe music is an important part of worship, especially the congregational singing because it helps involve everyone and brings a closer feeling of fellowship, with others, and with God.”

Anita Hensley

Children’s Activities Director Anita Hensley

Anita directs children’s activities, including Wednesday evening meals and classes, Sunday morning Children’s Worship Time, Christmas and Easter programs, and any other special programs for the children.  She is also instrumental in Third Saturday Breakfast, Family Promise, is Special Events Venue Coordinator, and too many other activities to mention here.  

Kim Woods

Lay Leader Kim Woods

Our lay leader is the primary lay representative of the laity of the local church. Part of Kim’s job is to  foster awareness of the role of laity both within the congregation and through ministries within the church and outside the church.  Kim is very active with the Fairview Men’s Group.  You might occasionally catch him wearing an apron, preparing for one of their great meals.

Nancy Maddock

 Church Council Chair Nancy Maddock

The church council  provides for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church.  It is the main administrative body of the church.  It envisions, plans, implements, and annually evaluates the mission and ministry of the church.  Fairview’s mission is derived from our Vision statement:  We believe God is calling us to greater spirituality through the joy of worshiping, serving, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  In support of this, we will diligently seek to teach God’s word, nurture and reach out to those who are in need or lost, and allow God to work through us individually and as a congregation.