Fairview UMC 2019 Church Leaders

Lay Leader: Kim Woods
Church Council Chair: Mike Woodby
Church Council Recording Secretary: Debra Pelow
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Kim Woods
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference: Debbie Carr
Finance Committee Chair: Nancy Maddock
Finance Committee Treasurers: Tammy Sluder, Braxton Sluder
Finance Committee Secretary: Haley Carr
Finance Committee Members: Pastor Cindy Paxton, Lay Leader Kim Woods, Church Council Chair Mike Woodby, SPR Chair Haley Carr, Trustee Chair Carl Hensley, At Large Member Gail Archer
Board of Trustees: Mark Shelton, Pete Sokol, Kim Woods, Carl Hensley, Kenny Archer, Philip Patrick, Ray Pelow, Judi Castleberry, Anita Hensley (Wedding Coordinator)
SPR Committee: Haley Carr, Phillip Patrick, Anita Hensley, Judi Castleberry, Judy Jones, Kathy Shelton, Kim Woods
Committee on Lay Leadership: Pastor Cindy Paxton, Karen Woodby, Jessica Shelton, Anita Hensley, Robin Sokol, Mildred White, Debbie Carr, Laura Powell, Kim Woods
Membership Secretary: Nancy Maddock
UMM President:
Lord’s Acre Sale Coordinator: Laura Powell
Works of Faith Coordinator: Debbie Carr
Share Group: Anita Hensley
Parish Nurse: Debbie Carr
Children’s Coordinator: Anita Hensley
Youth Coordinator: Joe Greene
Mission Coordinator: Joe Carr
Family Promise Coordinator: Anita Hensley
Altar Guild: Jean Campbell
ETSU Wesley Foundation Liaison and Higher Ed and Campus Ministries Representative: Braxton Sluder
Advertising/Marketing: Tammy Sluder
Music Director: Karen Woodby
Older Adult Representative: Mildred White
Young Adult Representative: Laura Powell
Nurture Committee Chair: Judy Jones
Outreach Committee Chair: Mark Shelton
Witness Committee Chair: Jean Campbell