Fairview Homecoming 2020

Homecoming 2019

Madison Powell and Jackson Morgan bring in the Light of Christ.

Carole and Jerry Price
Judy and Lee Jones
David Campbell and mom Jean
Sherry and Terry Hale
Kathy and Mark Shelton
Ruth and Pete Odom with Jean Campbell
Helen Campbell with daughter Sherry and son-in-law Terry Hale
Jean Campbell with Dee-Dee Bradford
Karen and Glen Briggs
Doris Douglas with Paul Trojan
Brenda Hensley with Taylor Bailey and Stephanie & Robert Brewer
Mildred White with granddaughter Harper Morgan
Mike Woodby
Madison Powell
Pastor Randall Emmert
Call to Worship
Rosie Lee Hicks
Imogene Randall
1/2 of the Hensley twins (Matt or Will?)
Mildred White
Joe Carr
Homecoming Choir 2019

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