Fairview Homecoming 2020

More pictures from years past for your enjoyment.

Just a few pictures are missing. When you see a picture of the church with a name in the caption, if you have a picture of that person please respond in the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page with a picture of the missing person. Thank you!

Tenna Drain, Ethel Lewis, and Lee and Judy Jones, Homecoming 2008
Robin Hunt Adams, Phyllis Hankins, and Nancy Hunt Simmons, 2016
Ethel Lewis, Helen and Roy Campbell, and Kathy Shelton
Vicky Taylor and Young Friends, 2007
Homecoming Choir, 2007
Will, Matt, & Jordan Hensley, Baleigh Day, and Amber & Megan Bailey.
Karen Woodby, Kathy Shelton, and Karen Briggs, 2007
Jessica Shelton’s Christening, Homecoming 1985
Homecoming Dinner, 1985
Alvin and Ethel Lewis with Granddaughter Jessica, Homecoming 1985
Don and Wanda Lewis, Homecoming 2007
Gail and Jimmy Rector and Family, Homecoming 2016
Gail and Kenny Archer, Homecoming 2016
Karen Briggs, Viola and Jack VanZandt, Homecoming 2016
Ethel Lewis, Homecoming 2016

Tenna Drain and Jessica Shelton
Dwight Hunt and Grandson, Homecoming 2016
Homecoming 1985. Who are these Beautiful Bonnetted Belles?
Oh, Martha Jones and Blanche Anderson!
And they made their own bonnets!

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