Fairview United Methodist Church Leaders

*Lay Leader: Kim Woods

*Church Council Chair: Nancy Maddock

Church Council Recording Secretary: Debra Pelow

*Lay Member to Annual Conference: Kim Woods

 Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference: Debbie Carr

Finance Committee

 *Finance Chair: Tenna Drain

*Treasurer: Tammy Sluder

* Financial Secretary: Nancy Maddock

Pastor Randall Emmert, Lay Leader Kim Woods, SPRC Chair Kathy Shelton, Trustee Chair Carl Hensley, Church Council Chair Nancy Maddock, Lay Member to Annual Conference Kim Woods,  Joe Carr

Board of Trustees

*Trustee Chair: Carl Hensley

Term ends (2021): Ray Pelow, Judi Castleberry

Term ends (2022): Mark Shelton, Pete Sokol, Kim Woods

Term ends (2023): Carl Hensley, Kenny Archer, Paul Markey

Also: Wedding Coordinator: Anita Hensley

Staff Parrish Relations Committee

 *SPRC Char:  Kathy Shelton

Term ends (2021): Karen Woodby, Kathy Shelton

Term ends (2022): Anita Hensley, Debbie Carr

Term ends (2023): Judi Castleberry, Kenny Archer

Lay Member of Annual Conference Kim Woods

Lay Leader Kim Woods

 Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

 Chair: Pastor Randall Emmert

Term ends (2021): Mildred White, Debbie Carr; Young Adult Laura Powell

Term ends (2022): Marie Deakins, Jessica Shelton

Term ends (2023): Anita Hensley, Robin Sokol

Lay Leader Kim Woods

Additional Council Positions

Children’s Ministries Coordinator – Anita Hensley

Communications Coordinator, Advertising – Tammy Sluder

Evangelism Chair – Mark Shelton

Family Promise – Anita Hensley

Health & Welfare Representative – Debbie Carr

Historian – Jean Campbell

Lord’s Acre Sale

Membership Secretary – Nancy Maddock

Missions Chair – Karen Woodby

Music Director – Kathy Shelton

Nurturing Ministries Chair

Older Adult Ministries Coordinator – Mildred White

Outreach Ministries Chair – Mark Shelton

Men’s Group President

Share Group – Anita Hensley

Wesley Foundation Liaison – Braxton Sluder

Witness Ministries Chair – Jean Campbell

Worship Chair – Kathy Shelton

Young Adult Ministries Coordinator – Laura Powell

Youth Ministries – Paula Emmert

*Positions with asterisks (*) in front of them also serve on the Church Council.