February 2019

Leadership Retreat

When Cindy sent these pictures, I wasn’t sure what was going on.  It kind of looked like a tinker toys workshop.  But then I realized those round things were marshmallows! Here is the email that ensued:

OK, makes sense, now!

OK, so, there are questions:  Who built the tallest tower, and how tall was it, and how many times did they have to start over?


Feeding the FISH – a New Opportunity to Minister to Christian Youth and to Encourage Others to Come Closer to Christ.

On Friday, February 22nd we joined Telford UMC in a new ministry to reach out to students at Crockett High School.  They have a student led Christian group called FISH.  They are able to allow many of the students to be a part of the group by holding their meetings during the school day.  The way they accomplish this is by holding their meetings at lunch, so we fed students at all four lunch periods.

We will have this opportunity twice a year and feel like it’s a great opportunity for the church to reach out to a whole new group of young people.