I Love to Tell the Story

Arabella Katherine Hankey was born in 1834 in the south of London. As a young girl, she began teaching Sunday School, and later organized a Bible study for factory girls. She developed a passion for missionary work, but was unable to fulfill this passion because of a serious illness at the age of 30. During her convalescence she began writing a series of poems, the first of which was “The Story Wanted”. Next was “The Story Told”. In all she wrote more than 100 stanzas entitled “The Old, Old Story”. A composer, William G. Fischer set a portion of those poems to music, calling it “I Love to Tell the Story”.

As a side-note, there was an older Christian gentleman who had spent his entire life from the age of 19 teaching Sunday School and singing and directing choir in his church. Toward the end of life he developed Alzheimer’s and lost the ability to recognize family and friends. His wife wanted him to stop teaching, but his Sunday School class wouldn’t let him. They said that he may have lost a lot of his abilities, but he never forgot what God had done for him and he was still an inspirational Bible teacher. “…and when, in scenes of Glory, I sing a new, new song, ‘twil be the old, old story that I have loved so long.”