Stories of Jesus

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Did you enjoy the video?  Perfect example of helping to make someone’s day brighter, not just the children, but the window-washer who was happy he could make the children laugh!

Here are some more examples from Praises offered during Prayer Time at Fairview:

  • One lady related how, when a friend who had cancer went to the pharmacy to pick up some very expensive medicine, she was surprised to find that her prescription was already paid for, anonymously. What a Blessing some Shepherd gave her!

  • Another lady told about having car trouble on her way home.  She called her husband, and while he was on his way to help her, several cars stopped and the drivers offered to help.  She thanked them and said that help was on the way, but she also thanked God that he put so many Good Samaritans here, ready and willing to help.

  • A recent guest at Family Promise came to one of our ladies in tears and said that she had just had the best sleep she had had in a long time.  She had been sleeping in her car.  A wonderful testament to the good that Family Promise can do, and encouragement to continue helping God’s children.

If I could just share one more experience that made me feel God’s love.  It was my birthday, and it was a glorious bright spring day.  As I was driving along the little country road I was struck with the beauty of the brilliant forsythias, the pale yellow and cream colored daffodils, and the occasional redbuds and purple flox peeping out.  And I gave thanks to God for sending me all those beautiful flowers.  I felt like they were all for me, for my birthday!  I also thanked Him for the person who decorated the bushes in front of their house with multi-colored Easter eggs.  That person must surely be a blessing to others!